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Prairie Pickleball Regina welcomes folks of all ages to experience Pickleball like never before. Get your membership or session pack today and experience the fun!

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Watch This Tutorial on How to Sign Up

Watch this short video on how to get in the gym quick with a few easy steps! We'll walk you through how to create an account, choose a session package or membership, how to book an event and finally how to complete your registration!

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Where We Play

Prairie Pickleball is located at HoopLife, check out the state-of-the-art facility today! 661 Solomon Cres, Regina, Saskatchewan.

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A Better Workout

Pickleball is the #1 growing sport for folks 40+ in Canada! Experience the fun of working out playing Pickleball in Regina!

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Have a question? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today! Call or text our team anytime at 306-993-4570.

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Pickleball in Regina

Visit our State of The Art Facility With Dividers for Better Gameplay

Our Pricing

Featuring 3 courts for maximum fun. Sign up in advance with a maximum of 4 players per court—your group will claim your own court when you arrive at the facility.

All sessions are 2 hours and cost 1 session credit per player. Ensure each player signs up for your upcoming session.

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Fun + Exercise
= Prairie Pickleball  

At Prairie Pickleball Regina, we're all about staying active, having fun, and enjoying life. Experience today and transform your life.

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How to Book a Court

3 Steps to Play Pickleball in Regina:


Click"Book A Court" which will take you to our booking page.


Create a Prairie Pickleball Account Using our Citrus software.


Click Register for your desired time slot, and have fun!

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What People are Saying

Image of George Newman
George Newman

I've tried pickle ball courts all over the city, and none come close to this place. The facilities are top-notch, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the overall vibe is just unbeatable. If you're serious about pickle ball, you have to check this place out!

Image of Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor

Playing pickle ball here has been a game-changer for me. Not only is it a blast to play, but it's also an incredible workout. I've never had so much fun getting in shape! Whether I'm here for a casual game with friends or a competitive match, I always leave feeling like I got a great workout.

Image of Sierra Williams
Patty Williams

As a parent, I appreciate how family-friendly Prairie Pickleball is. There are designated areas for spectators, washrooms, and even concession! It's a great way to introduce the whole family to the joys of pickleball. The times during the day work great for us!

A player setting up to start pickle ball game.
Devin Neudorf

I had no idea there was pickle ball at HoopLife but I saw a poster up and tried it. It was great to play there, the courts were just redone. The staff was super helpful in getting me set up, and I really enjoyed playing. It's safe to say I'll be spreading the word about this hidden gem!

Image of Jolene Richardson
Jolene Richardson

As someone relatively new to pickle ball, I was amazed by the welcoming atmosphere at HoopLife. The more experienced players were incredibly patient and supportive, helping me improve my game with each visit. It's a place where players of all levels can feel at home.

Image of Priya Patel
Priya Patel

My first experience at the building exceeded my expectations. The facility was clean and well-maintained, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn and improve alongside other players. I'll definitely be back for more!


Do all players need to sign up before each session?

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Yes, all players need to sign up online. All Prairie Pickleball Regina Sessions are 2 hours and cost 1 session credit per player. Ensure each player signs up for your upcoming session.

Can I try for FREE first before Membership or Session Pack?

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Absolutely yes! All folks brand new to Prairie Pickleball Regina are able to redeem 1 FREE session to try Pickleball in Regina.

How do I book a pickleball court in Regina?

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Easy! Cmake an account, buy a pack of sessions or membership and select one of the many time slots that works best for you.

How much to book a court? How do sessions work?

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All Pickleball sessions are 2-hour slots. 1 Session Credit per player is the cost to book a court. Invest in either a session pack or a membership today. Sessions on a session pack expire in 365 days.

Is it open to all ages and skill levels?

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Yes! We encourage all ages and skill levels to participate at Prairie Pickleball. Regina! If it is your first session or 1000th session you are welcome here

Can I reserve a court from my group?

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Yes! Sign up in advance with a maximum of 4 players per court—your group will claim your own court when you arrive at the facility, if 4 players are playing, the cost is 4 credits (1 per player).

What do I need to bring to play?

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Indoor Shoes, Athletic Clothing, if you do not have a paddle you can rent one from us for $2 per session.